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What is combat fitness, and why is it here when everything else it technology related?
  1. Combat fitness can be defined as many things; however, I consider it to be the act of getting, and staying in shape so that you may effectively fight somebody, should you ever have to - in self-defense or otherwise.
  2. I have included combat fitness here for several reasons:
    1. I've trained in Krav Maga for several years, and would consider it a turning point of sorts.
    2. I dislike assholes who believe they can use violence and intimidation to get what they want. Learning how to defend one's self and be fit enough to do so seems to keep things in order, as well as allowing one to defend themselves and their family.
    3. During my time owning a gym, I came across a number of individuals who desired to get in better shape and learn self-defense. I aim to continue providing assistance and motivation for those individuals, and others like them, here.
    4. It allows me to document my fitness and fighting journey, both past, present, and future.